Now I Know I Am Seen. I Have A Shadow. You Always Lie To Someone When Telling The Truth The Sudden Realization That True Romantics Sleep Alone The Folly Of Forgetting Multiple Magic (A Grave Realization) How Can I Be Seen If I Cast No Shadow? Blackout (Cat) Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me The Studio The Art Handler Doppelgänger Redaction One Man's Reason To Leave Is Another’s To Stay Those Who Can’t Dance, Blame the DJ Momento Mori A Clown’s Nose Is The Smallest Mask Blackout (Wolf) Oh Dear, I Do Wish I Hadn’t Cried So Much The Weekender When All The Lovers Lie Abed With All Their Griefs In Their Arms High Times On The Dog Watch The Muse Wisdom Purchased From A Fool Should Be Returned Peaceful Termination of the Affair As You Are, I Once Was. As I Am, You Will Be Perverse Draftsmanship Doubting Thomas Opportunity Only Dances with Those on the Dance Floor We Sat Laughing at Discoveries Made Avast Ye Critics! Such Is Sincerity Lover’s Leap The Monsters of My Fancy Are Typical in Their Anguish For the Living, Even Death Is a Speculation The Exchange Student A Reunion of Strangers Eyes, See Your Last One Too Many Maybe’s